5 Easy Tips to Healthier Hair

It's 2018 and I know we are all looking for different ways to better ourselves so we can live our best lives. Why not start with your hair?! I want to give out some quick tips to get you all started on a healthy hair kick.

  1. Don’t wash excessively ! I know we all love the feeling of freshly washed hair but washing too frequently can dry you out. Excessive washing can strip your mane of natural oils that ultimately condition your hair. Dry hair can be caused by many things, two common causes are Sulfates ( found in most shampoos ) and hot water ( same way your hands dry out from washing dishes with hot water ). So if you’re one of those girls who ‘ like, literally cannot ‘ go without washing a few times a week. Try using sulfate free shampoo ( great for color treated hair ). Also if you can stand it rinse with cool water to close the cuticle and add shine.

  2. Get trims regularly! We all know that the “cutting your hair makes your hair grow” statement is a myth. ( we DO all know that right??!) There is some truth to that statement. Trimming your hair does not make your hair grow faster out of your head. However it can eliminate unmanageable split ends that cause breakage. I suggest trimming every 8 weeks. Come by #KellyWoodGlamStudio and I’ll hook you up! ( you see what I did there… Lol )

  3. Drink TONS of water! H20 plays a huge part in living a healthy lifestyle, it’s our lifeline to everything in our body. Including hair,skin, and nails. Drinking water can help promote stronger and shinier hair, also healthy follicles.

  4. Stimulate the scalp! Scalp manipulation promotes hair growth by increasing the blood flow. So give yourself a scalp massage every now and then, you deserve it! Massage your hair with coconut oil ( preferably right before a wash) for dry scalp. Massage your scalp with yea tea tree oil for itchy scalp – It’s gonna tingle!

  5. Take it easy! Too much of anything is never good. That goes for blowouts, color, straightening, highlights etc. Be sure to give your hair time to rest especially in between services. Healthy Hair is Happy Hair!

I hope these steps help! Be sure to tag me in your beauty regimens on Instagram so I can see!

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