How-to Pin Curl from Home!

Worried about your blowout not lasting? Pin Curls! Want to keep the wave while you snooze? Pin Curls! Dry Bar didn’t give you enough volume? (shade) Pin Curls! Want to get your hair out of your face while you do your makeup? Pin Curl! Pin Curls don’t have to be complicated. They can be quick, easy, and helpful for close to all styles!

Here are some simple steps to help!

  • Brush your section! Make sure all of the hair is going in the same direction for a smooth finish. The bigger the section, the looser the curl. The smaller the section, the tighter the curl.

  • Duckbills! You can find Duckbill clips at any beauty supply near you. I prefer clips instead of bobby pins because you have more control over the hair. When placed correctly they are less likely to crease the hair. Another tip, put a little piece of tissue in between the hair and where the clip lies. No Crease!

  • Wrap the curl! To create the pin curl you’re going to wrap the hair around your fingers in the same direction as the curl. Make sure all the ends are tucked away and the hair is smooth.

  • Pin Away! The curve of the clip goes to the shape of your head. If you do ‘at-home’ blowouts you can pin as you go for umph. For MAX volume, pin curls should be towards the crown of the head. No volume, pin hair towards the hairline. If you’re just pinning with no heat I would suggest the volume method.

  • Cool! Letting your curls cool off while in the shape you want is a MAJOR KEY. Sometimes, when the hair is too hot while hanging loose is can lose the bounce of the curl. Think of it like making a ring, when the ring is still hot you can mold it into any shape or size you want. It is only until that ring is completely cooled off does it take its hardened shape. All samerules apply to pin curling.

  • Fluff! Once all the hair is cooled and ready, flip your head over and fluff the root and add hairspray for volume. You can also brush the curl out and wear it bouncy with NO volume. Either way , its up to you.

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