Shooting Creative Hair Content for Social Media.

This one is for my hairstylists looking to get some pointers on creating hair content. I get a lot of questions and comments about my Instagram account. Although i'm not where I want to be with my posts as far as consistency and flow, I think i'm getting the hang of it and I figured I would share what i've learned so far.

A few rules I try to abide by are..

1) Make sure you are shooting EVERYTHING! Even if you're not sure about the style or color in the moment, taking pictures of your work is something to get in the habit of doing. Right now I currently have 27,972 photos in my phone, about 75% of those pictures are hair pictures. You never know when you need a good throwback. The more pictures the better, plus it's good photography practice.

2) Get that good GOOD lighting. Shooting in natural lighting is always a good idea, I try to take as many pictures outside as possible. If you can't get natural lighting ( like, mother nature cramping our style with the rain) I would suggest a ring light. You can find one on for about $60-$150. Having good lighting for pictures and videos are a HUGE part of the content I create. The goal is to do as little editing as possible when you post.

3) Switch it up! I would consider my Instagram page to be a lifestyle hair page. I love photography so I take pictures of things I do, places I eat, different jobs I book, so i can get practice shooting different things using different angles and lighting. Not only does that show my work creatively, It also gives my followers and clients an idea of who I am. I get bored posting the same hair pictures with a white background. I'm trying to get the hang of creating a flowing aesthetic for my Instagram. Quick Tip: I realize using the same edits in VSCO makes it easy for me to keep the colors of my page the same. Every now and then ill fall off (who else knows the struggle?!?) I usually asses the page and archive the pictures that throw off the balance. No Biggie.

4) Keep It Fresh. try posting something you usually don't do. Maybe a quick boomerang to show off the movement in the hair or even a slo-mo video to see the dimension in the color. Catching peoples eye in a creative way is important when trying to bring traffic to your page. Videos tend to be something that always gets people to click on my page. The insights don't lie.

5) Use Insta-Stories to your advantage! I use my stories to promote new posts, to post funny memes, quick how-to's, and funny sing-a-long's. It's like having your own t.v show that you call the shots on, and another fun way for people to get to know you. I can't lie I miss the GIFYS on the stories. They were so random and fun to add, I can't wait for Instagram to bring them back.

I hope this helps and inspires someone to get out there and try something new! Live life, slay some hair, and post it!

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